Theresa Thao Nguyen

Just Real Enough
Happily Ever After: Storytelling through Interaction Design
Applied Service Design Techniques

Country: USA

Areas of expertise: Cognitive Science, Performing Arts

Theresa Thao Nguyen, a native San Franciscan, graduated with a degree in Cognitive Science from UC Berkeley in May 2013.

While her background lies mostly in understanding the human brain and solving math problems, her passion for the performing arts has enabled her to apply the skills she found in theatre, such as storytelling, movement analysis, collaboration, creation building and stage presence, in the realm of design and technology. Currently, she’s filming for theatre companies and arts organizations in order to bring their stories to light.

With a passion for design both human-centric and empathetic, she strives to find the intersection between technology and the arts, either as a means to target a larger demographic and introduce novel ways of responding to art or to use the arts as a source of inspiration for innovating our experiences and uses with technology.

This fall, she will be pursuing a research project in sustainability and design in Costa Rica for 5 months.

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