Lars Mellgren

Designing through thinking out loud (and thinking by doing)
Service Design through the lenses of scale and context
Open tools for environmental data collection and visualization

Country: Norway

Areas of expertise: Information Technology

Hi, my name is Lars and I live in Oslo. I have a background in computer science and for the last 10 years, I have been working as a consultant specializing in Information Management. I have a Master’s degree in Information Technology from Swinburne Uni, Melbourne. Day to day I work with all kinds’ people in organizations, trying to understand contexts and information use cases, piecing together data-driven solutions that support decision-making. After falling into the UX-casserole 5 years ago, I am trying to bring more and more design thinking into the projects we do. Besides that I have done a couple of furniture projects, I produce music, do occasional DJ-sets, enjoy a bit of cooking and some winter mountaineering. At CIID I hope to absorb as much as possible, getting hands on with new skills and techniques, doing collaborative work in interesting workshops and meet interesting people.