Shin Ooi

Nationality: Malaysian
Areas of Expertise: Motion Design, illustration and video post-production

Shin graduated from Film and Animation in 2009 while thinking she might be animating some characters for Pixar studio. Little did she know it introduced her to a brand-new category and got her venturing into Motion Design ever since.

She has worked on various kinds of projects including channel re-brandings, on-air-promos and campaigns, commercials, opening titles, event videos, interactive videos and more. Shin often works very closely with various creative teams and enjoys listening to and understanding other people’s ideas and problems to provide the best creative solution possible.

Two years ago, Shin stumbled upon the chance to work on the National Digital Identity project with Singapore GovTech team. She was initially engaged to create a series of explanation videos for the program’s initial release. Working continuously with the design team opened up her interest in tech and the social impact it has created. It led her to search for a place where she can have a better understanding and sharpen her design thinking skills especially in making delightful experiences for people.

Shin is really excited to see how she can mix her knack in motion design and illustration with the interaction aspect of her upcoming projects in CIID to create something she has never thought before.