Sarah Ali

Nationality: British Indian
Area of Expertise: Multi Media Productions (for Social Inclusion), Performance Arts, Story telling, Interactive Corporate Campaigns (CSR), Community movements.

Sarah Ali is a sourced in India, produced in Oman, packaged in London and a sold in China product. Her multicultural background has driven her to the path she is currently on; creating alternative experiences that aid a diverse group of people in connecting to a common social issue / goal.

For the last 3.5 years, Sarah has dedicated her time in setting up & running a creative collective for showcasing progressive & forward moving concepts in Shanghai. Her brain child started in a dormitory of 6 and ended up…somewhere a little different.

As Creative Director & Founder of Beyond the Bund, Sarah continues to produce work for clients such as Huawei, BMW Mini and Uber, all in order to showcase their social mission in an engaging & interactive manner. At the same time, Sarah consistently collaborates and produces multi media arts productions for the Shanghainese community, one that specifically challenges their current societal dilemmas (an ageing society/ the isolating internet culture / toxic air quality & more).

Over the years, Sarah’s skillsets have been defined by her conceptual curation of innovative ideas, creative leadership, design of interactive experiences of complex culture backdrops & more.

Sarah can often be found loitering in the back streets of Shanghai, enjoying a Xiaolong Bao (hand made street dumplings) and game of Mah-jiang (Chinese checkers), with the highly competitive & fun loving local Chinese elderly.