Sammy Creeger

Nationality: USA
Areas of Expertise: Product Innovation, User Experience, Design Pedagogy

Sammy is a multidisciplinary designer specialising in physical and digital interactions; as well as the impact emerging technologies can have on the objects, space, and people in our day-to-day lives. She brings a wide range of design experience: ranging from research, to concept generation, to prototyping, and manufacturing.

She began her higher education track in the Industrial Design undergraduate program at Iowa State University, understanding the fundamentals of form and function. Upon receiving her Bachelor’s, she worked for a design agency in Minneapolis, Minnesota that focuses on business, brand, and product innovation. This experience allowed her to understand business strategies and logistics, while also witnessing several concepts come to fruition on market.

Sammy recently returned to higher education for a Master of Science in Human Computer Interaction to begin understanding the technical capabilities of emerging technologies. Her research brought her design experience into the UX context where she developed digital interfaces for design pedagogical improvements. She is excited to be a part of CIID to continue the dialogue of technology’s relationship with society and vise versa.

When she is not immersed in the design studio, you can find Sammy biking through the city, enjoying live music, or hiking a mountain.