Ranjan Prasad Rajguru

Nationality: Indian

Area of Expertise: Design Research, Industrial Design

What started as a childhood hobby of painting led Ranjan towards the journey of design. He graduated with a degree in Lifestyle Accessory Design from NIFT and started his career as a graphic designer. He soon went on to become an Industrial Designer at LG Electronics where he worked for 11 yrs. It was there that Ranjan realised how design can have impact beyond aesthetics. 

Articulating consumer aspirations into ideas and translating them into tangible products truly excites him. Working on various projects across India and Seoul offices, Ranjan has acquired rich multicultural perspectives on people and their lifestyles. He finds human behaviour very intriguing and learns something new in every conversation he has. Having his products used and appreciated by people in their homes has been his most rewarding experience. 

At CIID, Ranjan wants to explore the artistic and scientific aspects of technology to create a holistic positive impact on people and their consciousness. He is looking forward to learning through interacting with the diverse group of individuals and their experiences in CIID. He is equally passionate about biking, photography and movies.