Norris Hung

Nationality: USA

Areas of Expertise: Design Research, Service Design, UX/UI Design, Inclusive Design, Design Systems, Frontend Development

Norris Hung is a multidisciplinary designer from Oakland, CA. He focuses on creating products and services that better society and doing it with care. He is particularly interested in the role that design can play in addressing climate change.

Before CIID, Norris spent four years at Code for America where he used design and technology to improve the access to public services such as food assistance, healthcare, and tax credits. He led design on, a service that has helped millions of Californians to access food benefits in a dignified manner and spearheaded the development of an accessibility-led design system.

Previously, Norris worked as a designer and developer at Inkling where he developed publishing tools and interactive books that worked across mobile and desktop devices. Notable titles he worked on included Campbell’s Biology, Modernist Cuisine, and Frommer’s Travel Guides.

Norris graduated with a Sc.B in Biology from Brown University. When not working, he prefers to be in nature. He is grateful to have had the chance to thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail, traverse the Sierra High Route, and work on a few farms in Patagonia.