Neelank Sachan

Nationality: Indian

Area of Expertise: Digital Interface Design, Visual Design

With a strong belief in creating solutions that benefit everyday life, Neelank is a Digital Product Designer who likes to engage people by making ideas simpler to absorb. Questioning how naturally the design of everyday things influences an individual, to whole civilizations, is how he feeds his mind.

Hailing from the Indian fintech and edtech startup scene, Neelank has worked closely with ClearTax to make financial lives simpler and with Unacademy to make education more accessible in India. He is constantly creating concepts and prototypes which give an understanding to user psychology. With extensive experience in data-driven design and experimentation, he has a deep understanding of engineering development processes because of his background as an Information Technology Engineering graduate from Manipal University.

When not working, Neelank likes to spend his time experimenting with different mediums of storytelling – be it illustrations, photography, film making, motion design, theatre or fiddling with circuitry.

Neelank sees CIID as an opportunity to explore design thoughts and philosophies while being surrounded by peers from multi-disciplinary backgrounds, each with their own valuable insights and experiences, will enable him to discuss and solve real-world problems. An advocate for unbiased access to fresh water, educare, and healthcare, he hopes to reach a position where he could make a long-lasting positive impact on life.