Nandita Nina Shenoy

Nationality: Indian
Area of Expertise: Graphic Communication

Nandita studied Graphic Communication (BA. Hons) at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore. She has been working for the last two and a half years at a strategy and design firm that specialises in branding called Cracker & Rush in Bangalore, India. She has worked on print media to digital collaterals in areas such as healthcare, education, law, etc.

Through her job and internships, Nandita realised that what interested her the most was designing interfaces for websites and applications. She wanted to learn more and take it to the next level which she believes CIID’s IDP will help her achieve.

At CIID, she hopes to learn more about human-computer interaction and do a lot of hands on work. Nadita wants to make products and experiences that make people’s lives easier and more sustainable. She is really excited to collaborate with her mentors as well as her peers and learn how they approach problems differently.

In her free time she loves to experiment with her lomography camera.