Martin Altanie

Nationality: Indonesian
Areas of Expertise: Motion Design, Graphic Design, Video Production, Video Editing, Animation

Martin is a multidisciplinary designer specialising in motion design and video production for the commercial industry. For the first 10 years of his career, he worked with advertising agencies and broadcast networks to produce countless brand videos, TV channel identities, TV commercials, social media campaigns, company profiles, web videos, and network promos for clients such as Ogilvy & Mathers, DDB, McCann, Mindshare, Leo Burnett, Disney Channels, ESPN, Fox Sports, HBO, BBC, MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, etc.

Three years ago, Martin made a career switch to become an educator, heading a motion design program at 3dsense Media School Singapore, a school focusing on digital media, film, and animation. Here, he shared his passion and knowledge for motion design with his aspiring students, helping them to kickstart their career in the commercial industry.

Along with his growing maturity as a designer, Martin started to develop an interest in interaction design, where the marriage between technology and design thinking could drive a positive impact to solve social problems in society. At CIID, he is hoping to learn a more systematic approach about interaction design and to open his mind of the unlimited possibilities it may offer.