Maria Jose Tamayo

Nationality: Peruvian
Areas of Expertise: Business Innovation, Strategy, Social Innovation

Maria Jose has always been curious about finding new ways to obtain outstanding results. This has been enhanced during the past few years while studying business administration.

Back in 2017, whilst on exchange in Singapore, she had her first experience working in innovation doing design thinking consulting for The Ascott Limited. In parallel, on one of her trips, she discovered how innovation could be driven for social impact. A poster in a temple indicating restricted admission for women on their period, led her to research social stigma around gender in Peru. This motivated her to create Juntas, an initiative that aims to provide a safe and friendly environment for girls to take action. Juntas has achieved prizes from San Diego University and Harvard University.

She has recently been working in Lab+, a leading Peruvian insurance company innovation lab, where she has faced the challenge to lead change through the introduction of agile methods. Lab+ is made up of a team of developers, designers, and innovation specialists.

At CIID, she aims to become immersed in design and work with her peers on the creation of solutions with great impact. In her free time, she loves to hang out with friends, dance, and travel.

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