Julian Jimsa

Nationality: Costa Rican

Area of Expertise: New Media Art, Interactive experiences and installations

Julian is a New Media artist and a designer of interactive experiences. 

His work usually focuses on his constant journey of self-discovery and the relationship between humanity and its natural environment. He believes interactive art pieces are revolutionizing the current art scene, by integrating the spectator as a part of the work. For the past 4 years he has worked on a variety of interdisciplinary projects as a photographer, designer, creative director, and new media specialist.

Having a multidisciplinary background with a BA in Business and Entrepreneurship and having recently graduated from the International Center of Photography in New York with a degree in “New Media”, he combines contemporary mediums such as virtual reality, installation, programming and performance with projection mapping, photography, and video. Constantly blurring the lines between art, design, and technology.

Being exposed to nature since his early childhood, he has been selected to be part of UNESCO’s Youth Program to study the effects of Climate Change in Panama, awarded by the Costa Rican Chamber of Commerce for his environmental projects, and his artistic work has been showed in various galleries around Costa Rica and New York.

Using the power of immersive storytelling, he aims to create a symbiotic relationship between humanity and nature by combining current technological advancements, art and design. 

With a very proactive mindset, he is constantly writing future project ideas in his multiple notebooks. He spends most of his free time obsessively watching films, reading about art, playing board games with friends or trying to learn new skills.