Jose Chavarria

Nationality: Costa Rican
Areas of Expertise: Industrial Design, Generative Art, 3D Printing

Jose is an Industrial Design Engineer, who studied at “Costa Rica Institute of Technology” (TEC) and made an Erasmus year at “Folkwang University of Arts” where he first started learning about interaction design and creative coding.

Even though Jose was not a Software Engineer, during his first years at TEC, he cursed Computer Engineering where he learned the basics of programming, which has turn into one of his favorite tools currently as a creative coder. He spends most of his free time experimenting with mathematic concepts and giving workshops about it.

Since 2015, Jose works in an interaction design studio in San Jose, Costa Rica, as an Interaction Engineer, and recently as the Lead of R&D. His work goes from public art installations to corporate events, always working with an interdisciplinary team, with people from advertisement, graphic design, sound design, animation, and business.

He feels most rewarded about his work, when it reaches the people, in public spaces and not only in private events, but when people from every age and background can experiment the magic that an interactive installation can bring.

Jose is also very interested in the idea of intelligent cities and how to make that concept a reality in his country. From sustainable mobility and how the use of bicycles and alternative means of transportations can not only transform the traffic in the cities but also help people’s mental and physical health and  make a change for the environment.