Herin Haramoto

Nationality: Japanese
Area of Expertise: Design Research / Industrial Design

Herin is a Japanese designer with an emphasis on people-centered research. Since an early age, she has lived in a multiplicity of countries where she has been exposed to different cultures and societies. This has made her develop a passion for understanding people and how to make their lives better. After spending four years in the Middle East, she decided to step into the design world in order to connect people with their environment, providing them better experiences.

Through industrial design, she studied design methodologies and processes with a strong focus on design research at the Umeå Institute of Design in Sweden. She has also worked with a variety of multidisciplinary teams on her projects which shaped her ability to work with people from various backgrounds and culture. Prior to CIID, she interned at North Kingdom in Skellefteå, Sweden as a Creative Strategist and worked for a Japanese design agency as a UX Designer.

She is a purpose-driven designer and believes that meaning, function, and aesthetics come together to create good design. She has an affinity for finding problems and enjoys working not only in the lab and studio, but also among people and nature. Recently, she is committed to explore and design ways for people to develop a symbiotic relationship with nature, where humans give back to the environment without any burden. Specifically she has been pondering how to design this coexistence in areas such as of food, clothing, and living space.

In her practice she hopes to stay close to people and learn how to use design as a tool, not only for the good of them but also for a more sustainable and long-lasting experience for both humans and nature, whether in tangible or intangible ways.