Diana Pang

Nationality: Hong Kong / British
Expertise: Client strategy, Business management, Data analysis

During her undergraduate degree in Operational Research at the London School of Economics, Diana became interested in modeling real-life problems in a methodological way. After spending much of her career on analysing and dissecting numbers, she now hopes to explore problems through a different lens from a design and humanistic perspective.

Prior to CIID, she spent over 7 years at Goldman Sachs in Hong Kong working in a variety of roles including human resources, sales & marketing, data analytics, client strategy, with her last role in business management & strategy.

Having lived in Hong Kong and London, both densely populated metropolitan cities, Diana is interested in the relationships amongst individuals, communities, and cities. She is interested in topics such as preserving local heritage in a globalised world and sustainable cities.

Always fascinated by her surroundings, she enjoys toponymy, creating illustrative maps, and discovering quirky corners of whichever city she is in. In her free time, she enjoys science fiction in different mediums and playing tabletop games with friends.


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