David Álvarez

Nationality: Costa Rican

Expertise: Business

David drives inspiration from prototypes, he believes this word is the greatest metaphor for how he runs his life. He strongly believes that everything is a cumulative process, that every single day he has the opportunity to learn, practice and improve in order to constantly reach towards the best version of himself. David is a passionate reader, interested in design, business strategy, entrepreneurship and education.

He holds a Business Studies degree from Lead University and has experience in the venture capital and fintech industry. David is convinced that the design process will reinforce his thinking and has a strong conviction that intentionality is the most important thing a designer must have, the curiosity and intention to understand why decisions are taken.

David firmly believes that the IDP is not only the best education experience he has had, but also one of the best experiences in his life as he can see a big transformation in himself beyond the professional spectrum.

As a designer, David is keen on exploring how products, services and systems can help people to become their best selves. He believes in simple, subtle, and reflective interactions that bring great enrichment into people’s lives and is particularly interested in using his design approach for education, social issues and to help developing countries ‘make the leap’ in a responsible way.

In his personal time, you can find David reading, surfing, doing Brazilian jiu-jitsu and playing basketball.

‘Simple is more important than sizzle, process is more important than achievement and right effort is more important than performance.’

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