David Álvarez

Nationality: Costa Rican

Expertise: Business

David strongly believes that for the future to be better, multidisciplinary teams must be present in worldwide decision making. He is a passionate reader, interested in design, business strategy and entrepreneurship.

He holds a Business Studies degree from Lead University and has experience in the venture capital and fintech industry. David is convinced that design will strengthen his thinking and has a strong conviction that the discipline’s purpose is to bring meaning into our surroundings.

David firmly believes that the IDP is the next step in his journey and is confident that the programme will broaden his mindset and provide him with the opportunity to collaborate in high functioning teams.

As a designer, David is keen on exploring the relationship between people and their everyday experiences (objects, services, systems). He believes in simple, subtle, and reflective interactions that bring great enrichment into people’s lives. David is particularly interested in using his design approach to help developing countries ‘make the leap’ in a responsible way.

“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few. ” – Shunryu Suzuki