Christoff Trexler

Nationality: USA / Switzerland
Areas of Expertise: Industrial Design

Christoff is a recent graduate of the Industrial Design program at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). While at RIT he was intrigued by the human elements of design, focusing on the human-product relationship aspect of product design. Many of his projects draw on the physical interactions and the mechanical way products are made to extend his attention to details beyond the purely aesthetic.

He likes to take a hands-on approach and to learn as much as possible by doing as much as possible. While he is able to work on projects independently, he flourishes in group based projects, enthusiastically learning from other people’s experiences and the new perspectives they bring. Christoff is always willing to share his knowledge and expertise.

Christoff is excited to continue honing his design skills and experimenting more with human-product relationships as well as looking into product-product relationships at CIID.

In his downtime, Christoff can be found attempting to cook, learning about technology, and tinkering with upcycling techniques.