Ana Acevedo

Nationality: Costa Rican

Areas of Expertise: Digital Animation, Video Post-Production, Arts.

For the past years, Ana has been co-founder and director of an animation and video post-production studio in Costa Rica. The studio’s projects include advertising, animated infographics, video games assets, VFX, IP, and music videos; as well as educational and environmental projects. With more than ten years of experience working in audiovisual and multidisciplinary projects, she is used to working from the very initial creative process of an idea to the final product.

She also has been a career coordinator, a motion design and post-production teacher at the Center of Technology and Visual Arts: a Ministry of Culture and Youth of Costa Rica program that looks for social inclusion through culture, technology, and arts. By working with the students in real-life projects oriented to the SDGs, they become technically and empathetically prepared to assume a real job at the end of their career.

Ana has a background in fine arts and contemporary dance. She is a music and nature lover, traveler, curious and dynamic person. Always seeking for new forms of communication in multidisciplinary environments. In this journey, she is looking forward to widening her perspective with different ways of thinking and designing through new technologies.

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