Alejandro Segura

Nationality: Costa Rican
Areas of Expertise: Data Research, Perception Design

Researcher and Designer, those words describe Alejandro’s inner engine and creative force: he really enjoys making Spaces into Places. He is interested in the relationship of human dynamics and how can we improve them to enhance our life experience.

Being creative and thinking analytically is a state of mind that constantly plays with a wide range of interaction layers. He enjoys developing concepts through scalable ideas, and experimenting with different sets of tools and devices such as 3D software, real time audiovisual explorations, making digital and physical prototypes to prove a hypothesis in a design process and also think about having interesting conversations with data and space.

Trying to understand our world demands a lot of energy and skills for those who want to make it a better place for all of us. That’s one of the reasons why Alejandro designs experiences and finds solutions collaboratively to problems regarding perception of reality.