Aakash Dewan

Nationality: Indian
Areas of Expertise: Industrial Design, Research Led Design and Communication Design

For the last 7 years, Aakash has worked as a designer for various clients, collaborators and companies in different fields like visual, product, and technology design within industries like healthcare, consumer goods, and design for public welfare in various places around the world – India, France, Denmark, Russia and Colombia.

He started his journey using his technical skills as an industrial designer after undertaking a Masters in Product Design Management from DSK International School of Design (institut superieur de design) in Pune, India. Starting his career as an industrial designer, then moving on to design research, design strategy and communication design as per the demands of the projects taken up. As an adaptable designer he brings his industrial design skills and research methodologies to cater to the various unmet needs of users. Bringing users early into the design process inspired him to pay attention to framing the problem statement and addressing a lot of issues beforehand, prior to thinking about the solution design.

He now works with various teams, on various projects regardless of the end solutions being a digital or a physical product. – “Interactions between products and how they are experienced evolve over time as our cognition expands. I believe in blurring the lines between product categories and approaching them as experiences.

He believes that being at CIID will help him grow as a designer for tomorrow; He feels the need to become ‘future ready’, by anticipating, learning and developing new skills to design for our ever-evolving lifestyles. As technology sits in our physical centre and is constantly changing and improving, so are human behaviours, expectations and needs. This course will help him to create and think at the intersections of tech and design.

He finds peace in doodling and practicing art as a hobby. His current obsession is with botanics and he explores them with different mediums and styles everyday.