Ujjval Panchal

Country: India
Area of Expertise: Architecture

Ujjval is an architect and a lifetime student of architecture – he studied in the School of Architecture, CEPT University, Ahmedabad. Over the last six years he has been working with various architects and designers mainly with Arya Architects and later with NP Flint – Experience Design Lab. For the last two years, Ujjval has been practicing with three other fellow architects in Ahmedabad. A major part of his interest comes from working with various alternative materials & crafts, new design methods and mix of new technologies/software.

Being an architecture student, he has always been keen to inquire how design and technology can influence human experiences with objects, spaces or environments. In his pursuit of spaces that thrive, come alive, and setup a dialogue with people and environment, he decided to join the Interaction Design Pilot Year to explore and improve his skills and to create beautiful experiences using various materials and technology. He sees interaction design as a culmination of his various interests and it is a big opportunity and challenge for him to use interaction design to make intelligent environments that set-up an active dialogue and experience; but also a step forward to be able to create sustainable solutions.

Work: Pilot Year
Web: http://www.ujjvalpanchal.com
Blog: http://blog.ujjvalpanchal.com
Photos: Ujjval