Magnus Bendtsen

Country: Denmark
Area of Expertise: Event Management, Digital Design & Communication

Magnus has a background in event management handling the execution of anything from small themed events to 8000 guest university parties and festival art projects. After completing his Bachelors at Roskilde University he took a year off, working for Electronic Arts doing event and marketing work learning about branding and corporate identity. The year furthered his interest in technology and project management and in 2006, he started his masters at the IT University of Copenhagen in Digital Design and Communication.

Magnus has a focus on and an interest in technology but his heart has always been with the users and in 2008 he earned his Master of Science in User Centred Design and immediately afterwards started the CIID/DKDS Pilot Year. During the year Magnus explored his interest in healthcare and the often difficult and extreme situations that people face when in need of help and care.

Magnus is a great believer in teamwork and feels very much at home in the sometimes chaotic and hectic process of expressing and meeting design challenges.

Work: Pilot Year