Jacob Sikker Remin

Country: Denmark
Area of Expertise: Cameras, Lights, Engineering!

Jacob likes hacking, art, people, light, workshops, low-bit music and various types of beautifully geeky stuff. He has a background in visual/performance art and film, which he combines with his newfound skills in engineering. Jacob is the initiator of 8bit klubben, a local Copenhagen hackers collective, producing cultural events, performances, workshops and installations. In May 2008, Jacob opened Mikrogalleriet, a small gallery space in Nørrebro focusing on electric art and creative technology. He hopes that some of the works produced on the Interaction Design Pilot Year could fit in this context and that his Copenhagen 8bit network can somehow blend into the CIID circle. Jacob enjoys taking strolls with his cat, cooking and making music on his gameboy.

Work: Pilot Year
Website: www.campingsex.org
Gallery: www.mikrogalleriet.net
Posse: www.8bitklubben.dk
Band: www.myspace.com/blissfullymediocre