Francesco Mondelli

Country: Italy
Area of Expertise: Multimedia & Communication

Francesco started playing with communication when he was young with stylish and purely formal graffiti. He soon realised that there was a lot more to say about his social context, its controversial elements and the relationship between man and environment; so he attended the IUAV design university where he learned the tools to be able to communicate those paradoxes, his critiques and alternative point of view.

While studying Multimedia & Visual Communication in Venice, Francesco learned about communication and social-responsibility through new technologies, media and classic graphic design – his final project was an interactive web-based social software.

After graduating, he worked for 1-year as web/graphic editor of the Mondadori Books website but his passion for interaction design made him leave Milan and move to Copenhagen to join the Interaction Design Pilot Year. He is interested in ecology, electronic music and computer art & graphics; he usually prints his ideas and drawings on t-shirts. As often as possible, he takes hold of his Vespa and travels around the world.

Work: Pilot Year