Erlend Kyte

Country: Norway
Expertise: Design Thinking, Systems/Service Design, Communication Design and Motion Graphics.

With a background as a graphic designer, an Arctic ranger and MA in Communication Design, Erlend stands with one foot in the world of service design and design thinking and one in the field of storytelling and visual communication. Moving from Norway to Copenhagen in 2003 and studying communication design in Kyoto, Japan, one of Erlends biggest motivators is to explore and understand other cultural realms. Experiencing new places, talking to new people and learning new ways of seeing the world, plays an all-important part in his design approach.

Through user research and user involvement, experience prototyping and teamwork, Erlend focuses on human-centered design. He devotes himself to the whole design journey; from the initial understanding of the needs the people he designs for – to prototyping and galvanising the idea and in the end, developing the proper communication of the design solution.

Erlend is a big supporter of “Design to improve life” and believes that designers should, and have a responsibility to, make a difference by designing, understanding and communicating products, systems and services that are sustainable, labour and cost saving and have a positive impact on peoples lives.

Work: Pilot Year