Ashwin Rajan

Country: India
Area of Expertise: Information design, information architecture, instructional design, research, writing

Ash finds delight in discovering simplicity that works in a world of complex interactions between humans and technology. He has taken a break from a 7-year design and writing career to join the Interaction Design Pilot Year. After graduating in psychology, sociology and marketing, he found himself compellingly drawn to user-centered and interaction design projects. As an interaction designer and information architect, he has participated and led projects in information technology, industrial and product design, learning, social development and management consulting.

Through the course of this journey, Ashwin has worked in India and in the US, and has relished living and working in Europe during the Interaction Design Pilot Year. His leading interests as a designer are the social and cultural dimensions of technology, information complexity, user-constructed meaning, and design methods & processes. He considers himself an autodidact, and loves to play the roles of clarifier and integrator as much as he digs the details. Concepts around future societies, systems thinking, perception, and human/information relationships, among others, are an instant draw. With a little more time at hand, Ash finds himself returning to photography, and recently, penning the first pages of a graphic novel.

Work: Pilot Year
Blog: Ash at CIID