Alice Pintus

Country: Italy

Area of Expertise: Light Design / Product Design

Alice studied at Politecnico di Milano, Italy. Her final thesis focused on how correct information comprehension and effective interaction with public spacescan play a crucial role in emergency situations. After graduating, she stayed on at the Politecnico, as teaching assistant at the Final Synthesis design studio where she worked on light and interaction design projects.

Since 2004 she’s been working as a designer, dealing with light, furniture and information/graphic design. She has also been a contemporary art researcher and is a member of the ISOLA ART CENTER, a precarious and independent art centre with a strong alternative social impact, based in Milan. She also collaborates on Museo Aero Solar – a collective artwork initiated by Tomas Saraceno – which is a flying museum in the form of a solar energy powered hot air balloon.

She has always been very interested in the intersection between the virtual world and its concrete representation – this is the reason why she decided to study on the Interaction Design Pilot Year.