Adam Little

Country: USA

Adam graduated from Drexel University’s Digital Media program in 2005 and began work as a website developer moving between New York and Philadelphia. While in New York, he pursued the creative side of interactive technology by participating in workshops at places like Eyebeam, Harvestworks and ITP. Adam also volunteered with the Computers for Youth organization where he helped facilitate training sessions for children and their families at schools in low-income neighborhoods around Brooklyn.

The majority of 2007 was spent traveling and working in Japan and Southeast Asia where he grew vegetables and took care of sheep at the bottom of Mt. Fuji, worked as the in house digital media expert for a community development organization in Southern Thailand and helped a grassroots NGO in Cambodia launch a website for their sustainable tourism venture.

Adam is now based in the San Francisco Bay area of California where he enjoys human centered design in collaborative, multicultural and cross disciplinary teams.

Blog: Local Hidden Variable