Window within a Window

A window is an important connection between inside and outside. It is physically and visually the most interactive element in space. A window is a real-time narrative of many events happening inside, outside and around it. In metaphorical terms, a window can also mean a period of time for initiating or completing something.

As observers, we experience, interact and communicate through a window. We are always curious about looking in to things and interestingly when window is really small – like a peephole in the wall – it encourages people to look inside, often providing surprising and unexpected experiences.

In this project, a two-way aperture with a memory allows an observer to relive and manipulate events that happened in the past. One can look through to the other side – and by pushing and pulling the box, can control the timeline of the event that they are looking at. The further you push, the further in the past you see. When static, the real time event is displayed from both sides.