Remember Dreaming

“Sophie peered into the jar, and there, sure enough, she saw the faint translucent outline of something about the size of a hen’s egg. There was just a touch of color in it, a pale sea-green, soft and shimmering and very beautiful. There it lay, quite peaceful, but pulsing gently, as though it were breathing. The BFG explained to Sophie ‘A dream does not need feeding. If it is a good one, it waits peaceably forever, until it is released and allowed to do its job.’’
– From The BFG, by Roald Dahl

The BFG, by Roald Dahl was the inspiration for this installation. In the book, the Big Friendly Giant collects beautiful dreams in jars and gives them to children at night. In this installation each jar contains a childhood dream represented by soft swirling lights that change and shift – reacting to your hand movements. If you listen very carefully indeed, you may also hear some whispered dreams.

This project is an experiment in interactive storytelling and playful interactions. The question of how we might create playful experiences for people and make them smile has been a core goal of the project. Often, when adults get caught up in everyday life, we forget what it is to play. I want people to remember what it was to dream and play as children.

This prototype is the first step in creating a platform for interactive storytelling. In the future this will be expanded in to a full ‘story garden’ with many different stories for people to explore over a much larger area. This will be a powerful way to share experiences and communicate ideas between different audiences in different contexts.