Smart Waste Hubs

Every single day, millions of products are bought and sold. These products are protected by an equal or bigger amount of packaging; a large part of this packaging become useless at the exact moment we buy the product, changing directly from protection to garbage, and becoming a cost for the community and the environment.

SmartWasteHubs is a service with an aim to improve and facilitate the collection of garbage in the urban area. The collection hubs are introduced in shopping malls and big retailers, to intervene upstream in the cycle and reduce the amount of packaging traveling from selling points to private homes, which – on arrival – consequently becomes trash.

The intent of this simple intervention is to minimise the amount of garbage in the usual multitude of collection points in private homes, to a reduced number of waste hubs placed in the shops, using an existing infrastructure (shops already collect and discard internal waste in common containers). By doing this, the municipality benefits by operating a reduced number of collection trucks – translating into reduced costs and time management. People also benefit from getting rid of useless packaging at the point of purchase, immediately reducing the amount of garbage at home. All in all, this will limit CO₂emissions as part of an environmentally sustainable plan.

As the municipality saves money thanks to the collection hubs, it could be possible to reallocate this budget to social or environmental tasks requested or voted by the same people using the service. By improving an input-feedback system on the existing institutional website, a strong relationship could be formed between the community who decides to reduce their potential garbage and the municipality which takes care of it.