Pro.seed is a service that allows designers to present and reflect on themselves and their goals at the beginning and at the end of a new teamwork learning process. This service provides a toolkit to delineate profiles, to reflect about group dynamics and personal development in a visual way. Using visual props and notational tools, it supports the way of proceeding in a learning development.

Pro.seed is a service and tool-kit that follows the evolving process of designers working in a team. When a new team is formed, designers with different backgrounds have to present and define themselves in order to understand how to perform together to achieve great and fast results.

The toolkit contains: two booklets – one to engage and start discussions, and the other allows a personal and useful reflection at the end of the process; some stickers to build profiles in a free, easy, visual and handy way; and 60 cards as tools for enhancing group dynamics during the process.

The first booklet is a team-building tool allowing each member to present oneself in an easy way to ensure self-development, positive communication and the ability to work closely with others. It is a series of templates, some of them are ice-breakers, some allow group members to start talking about their expectations and personal goals. By going through this booklet the designers are profiling themselves in a visual way to better understand each other even if they normally don’t use the same language. In fact, a visual tool will allow them to speak from an equal perspective without any judgement or language boundaries.

There are sixty cards divided into three categories: suggestions, inspirations and templates. All of them designed to be used during the project process – when the group dynamic is fundamental. The cards are physical elements of the service that can be used by all the participants and create relevance during the process. The categories identify the answers to some common problems a group usually faces; an example of a template may be a suggestion on how to visualise complex research topics. The use of the card is up to each member. They can decide what they need and how to use the suggestions provided on the card. They can pick and choose which techniques work best for their context and fit their situation.

The last element of the tool-kit is the “reflection” booklet. This booklet is quite similar to the first one but this allows each member to take time to reflect about his own personal development, working in groups, personal learning and peer-to-peer learning. This type of reflection gives the designers the possibility to re-shape their profile and better define themselves.