Get Together

Get Together is a service that uses the web and SMS to help friends coordinate social activities. It is designed for collaborating on upcoming events (i.e. housewarming party) or to help make an event when none exist (i.e. friday night after work). Get Together strives to use the power of social software and mobile phones to facilitate face-to-face communication between friends living in the same city.

Get Together users can create events for groups of friends through the Get Together website or mobile phone app. All that is required for the invited friends to interact with the system is a mobile phone number and SMS. However creating an account on the website will allow them to use a variety of additional features.

For each new event that is created, you will receive a unique phone number. Group members can contact the entire group by sending a single message to this number. People can also utilize certain features by sending reserved keywords to the number.

An example of one of these features is a collaborative to-do-list so that everyone can play a role in contributing to the event. This is designed for birthday parties, picnics and any other event that requires organization.

Another example, which is better suited for groups when no specific event is planned, is the ideas list. Friends can propose ideas by appending the word #idea to their messages and the rest of the group can provide their feedback. People vote for the idea by replying to the SMS with a thumbs-up keyword.

Using a phone running the mobile application, one could easily get together a group of friends, figure out who is available, decide what the best activity is for the night, and figure out where and when to meet, all in the space of a couple hours, while constantly being on the go.

Get Together is designed to promote social activity away from the computer screen by focusing on the people in your social networks who live in your city and whose names are also in your phone’s contact list. At the same time, Get Together is designed to make the logistics of on-the-go group coordination that is already being done with a blizzard of SMS, status updates and phone calls, into a fun, group activity unto itself.