The Keyless Kiosk

Keyless is a service that promises to replace or get you your keys if you lose them or find yourself without it.

Our Video demonstrates the Keyless service in action. Anybody interested in using the Keyless service will have to first sign up for a contract (for a nominal sign up charge). The contract requires you to scan your keys so that Keyless can have a blueprint of your key. Keyless has several Keyless Kiosks in Copenhagen, and most of them are conveniently located at the nearest 7/Eleven.

The idea is to be able to access and build upon an already available 24hr infrastructure. If you lose your keys, just locate the closeest Keyless Kiosk (you can call the Keyless helpline to get a loction), head over and enter the relevent details about yourself, select the key you have lost, pay for it and get an instant duplicate key laser cut from the Kiosk.

The Keyless Kiosk
Every Keyless Kiosk is – in essence – a mini Laser cutting machine. It works very fast and is always precise. The kiosk is hooked up to the main terminal from where the kiosk can access your key blueprints and cut the required key


  • The user pays only when he uses the service
  • Piggyback on existing infrastructure (7/11)
  • Get your key instantly
  • Can be a very secure service – similar to an ATM
  • Very simple interface