This course established the importance and rationale of user research in design.

Visiting faculty Michele Chang and Eliot Salandy Brown from ReD Associates demonstrated the key methodologies of user research and professional ethnographers and anthropologists then accompanied the students of the course into the field to experience studying the needs of a user group. Data was collected using notes and photos.

This data was then structured, synthesised and developed into actionable insights went on to inform the design process in the following class (Graphical User Interfaces).

Learning Expectations
Gaining an understanding of the methods and approaches behind gaining quality user insights and an appreciation of the value of user insights in the design process.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Development: how much did the student’s understanding of the field increase over the course of the workshop?
  • Commitment: how much energy and effort did the student invest over the course of the workshop?
  • Collaboration: how much effort did the students invest in explaining to or discussing with others?
  • Intensity: how intense is the final, presented work of the student?
  • Empathy: to what extent were the students willing to put themselves in the shoes of those they were studying and designing for
  • Openess: to what extent were the students able to put they’re own pre-conceptions and priorities to the side.