Improving the Elderly Home Experience

What did you see?

Our aim for the week was do research at an elderly home to gain insights related to social interaction, physical activity and autonomy of the elderly people living within a home. By gaining specific insights within these areas we hoped that we could use the design thinking and methods to create solutions to improve their everyday lives.

What did you learn?

Through observations and talking to the residents and staff, our main learnings from the week were:

  • Common spaces need to express the same feeling of ‘home’ as the private spaces do
  • Genuine friendships between residents based on shared interests, experiences and personalities
  • Better tools to facilitate communication with friends, family and life in the outside world
  • Need for digital devices designed to aid the elderly in a variety of daily tasks and activities.

What did it means – your insights?

  • Help staff optimise the use of common space by analysing the activity in different spaces
  • A formal process for facilitating the creation of new social clubs based on the skills and interests of the residents
  • Easy-to-use communication tools incorporating technology commonly used outside of elderly homes
  • Using technology to create joyful and satisfying alone time.