What is the game/interaction?
Face-Off is a collaborative game where two people must work together to keep the music going by dancing at the right time, within the right boundaries. The game was created using motion-tracking with Adobe Flash.

How does it work?
The game is set up with a video camera pointing at two people who are separated by a physical wall. They can only see each other on the projection in front of them. At the beginning of the game a song starts to play and a green box appears above one of the people in the projection. The green box indicates that the person must dance while their partner must remain completely still. After a few seconds, the green box disappears and a moment later will reappear on one of the players randomly.

If a person outside of the green box moves, or the person inside of the green box does not move enough, the song will cut out and you have to start all over again. The aim of the game is to get to the end of a song with out making any mistakes!!

What did the prototype achieve?
This prototype allowed us to create a very fun and sociable game that encourages team work and collaboration rather than competition. On another level it has also allowed us to experience the process of designing a game and the complications that occur along the way.

If we could develop this idea further, our next steps would be to refine the programing as the motion tracking was very sensitive. It would often detect the smallest of movements, making it very hard to complete the game.