Animated Storytelling

The animated storytelling board is an intuitive animation creating platform. Animation is a professional skill which requires complex instructions and huge parameters to control the graphic elements. Therefore, we tried to design a simple system that is controlled by placing physical symbols on the interactive screen, then using physical gestures to control them.

In our system, there are two main components: one interactive screen and several symbols. The symbols are the animation units with images like butterflies, a tree, ladybug or car. The interactive screen works like a touch screen, but it only responds to the symbols which have special patterns (fiducials) underneath. There are two types of symbol: one is animation unit and the other type is control unit which will operate functions such as record and play.

The technology we used is reacTIVision. There is a camera and a projector under the screen. The camera detects the pattern under the symbol, the data is imported in to the processing program and the result is then projected on to the screen.

The functions are very limited so it is very simple, intuitive and is a great tool for children to create their own stories.