Compound Eye

What is it?
Compound EYE is a group of networked cameras, working together as a one. When one of them is clicked, all of them click at the same time, capturing that moment from multiple viewpoints. It is an easy tool for fun and experimental photography.

Who is it for?
Anyone eager to experiment, play and have fun with cameras and photography.

Why is it valuable?
Taking photographs is fun and exciting for everyone, from kids to professionals. But to experiment and play with photography always becomes complicated, expensive and technically challenged.

Compound EYE offers a very easy, simple and experimental platform for playing with series of cameras, just like single click LOMO cameras. It works like many eyes working at the same time, freezing the moment. You can use as many camera modules as you want, arrange them the way you like, synchronise and time them and get quick results. Compound EYE can be used for quick panoramic photos, time-lapse photos, grid and pixel photos, or for capturing events from various angels.

How does it work?
Compound EYE is inspired by insect behavior, just like bees or ants – each one works individually but at the same time they are part of a bigger group. It is built with small cameras, a wireless network, a simple click button and settings for timing them. Each camera sends a signal to all others to click at the same time and sends images to the server where they are processed. Each camera can be given an identity and specified delay time for a more experimental effect.

What were your key learnings?
Think big but try to make it small.
Even if you have plan B, be prepared to have a plan C and D….

Special thanks to Vinay Venkatraman, David Mellis, David Cuartielles, Heather Martin and Christopher Scales.