Memory Jar

What is it?
Based upon well known conventions and gestures, the memory jar is a way to store and access pictures, videos and sound from the special moments your life.
Interaction with the Memory Jar and its content is the same as if it was any other jar. Gestures like pouring, opening and closing, is naturally and intuitively implemented into the Memory Jar interface.

How does it work?
When you capture pictures, video or sound that you would like to preserve as a special memory, just unscrew the top of an empty Memory Jar and ‘pour your experiences into it by tilting your capturing device over the jar opening. When the jar is full, screw the cap back on, label and store it!

When you decide to reflect upon your memories at a later time, just pick a jar of your desire, take it to a wifi-enabled screen and open the lid. The content of the Memory Jar will start playing on the screen automatically.