What is it?
The Jelly-mal is a storage device with an organic looking skin that is light and gesture activated. The Jelly-mal has the appearance of a jellyfish and helps its owners remember to back up their data to this central storage unit. It sits in a room emitting ambient light until someone turns on the light in the room – this activates it. If a pre-set number of days pass by without any back-up activity from it’s owner, the Jelly-mal will let the relevant person know that it is time to make a backup – in a sense – to feed the Jelly-mal.

How does it work?
Jelly-mal is a prototype designed to give a potential user an idea of how the interaction would be. It follows a program laid out in 5 stages that are triggered by an action taken by the user. It reacts to light and gesture input through a light and a tilt sensor. It signals the different stages by activation LED lights in different colours and powers a vibrating unit at different levels of intensity.

The project draws heavily on the animal metaphor of feeding and nursing an organic looking piece of technology.