Tobacco Trading

Smoking is considered to be a simple vice for the consumer but from an economic perspective, the tobacco industry is considered to be one of the most prolific businesses in the world. We wanted to visualise what that means.

The idea was to illustrate the connection between money and consumers in the tobacco trade. The ring, made by the comparison between a series of different data, gives another reflexive point of view about this trade

Design Process
The design process was divided in to three steps. As a first step we decided to connect two different ranges of data as money earned by tobacco manufactures and tons of tobacco manufactured per country, in order to understand if there is any connection between these two values. We descovered that the manufacturing countries earn much more money then the tobacco growing countries.

Comparison of tons manufactured per country gave us a huge range of data, so our second step was to visualise the comparison between the quantity of tons per country, in order to understand the meaning of ‘quantity’ value.

As third step we noticed it was necessary (in order to connect our research) to understand who actually the consumers are. Our third visualisation is a comparison between male and female consumers per country in relation to the population. We compared this range of data to give more meaning to the quantity of consumers related to the total amount of population.

What did you learn by seeing the data in a visual way?

Data, as numbers, can’t give an immediate idea of quantity.

We discovered that the way we look at the tobacco trade drastically changed after seeing a visual representation. By visualising data it is possible to understand that countries with a huge production of tobacco are outclassed by other countries which complete the production chain. The consumers, who considering smoking to be a little vice, are actually moving a huge money machine involving countries from all over the world.