Education V Income

Using Action Script 3 and Flash we visualised datasets from the UN Database. Our aim was to create a “question asking visualisation” of gender differences in education and wages in different countries. Our starting point was: Is there a country where the level of education equals the level of income? Also – What country has the highest rate of equality between genders?

We wanted the user to be able to create an easy overview of the dataset. therefore we created a data wheel showing the variety of the data according to the countries. The inner circle shows the education level in a specific country, the blue bar represents the men and the pink the women. The outer circle represents their income level, again according to gender.

By pointing the curser over the wheel, the user could see – on the left of the screen – what the specific part of the wheel represented. For instance by moving the curser over the inner circle – the heading Education is shown in colour, the colour corresponding to the gender who has the highest percentage of education.

By clicking or selecting a specific country the lower box shows your selection and you can scroll around the data wheel to compare the selection to other countries. The user can also sort and explore the datasets by: education, income, name of the country, difference in education and difference in income.