We chose to focus on the ‘manly’ aspect of the garage; the hideout, the sanctuary, the project room and the place for solitary relaxation. We believe that modern man, needs this place, as a counterweight to the fast pace of modern society. Many of the concepts developed were directly coming from our picture of the ideal hideout.

The group developed many futuristic concepts. Among these were: the 3D macho-nacho beer mug printer (for consumption once emptied); the hover chair (for relaxation and fun); power gloves (exoskeletal strength for heavy duty lifting in the workshop); a wireless jammer and wife alarm (for privacy and peace); the teenage daughter surveillance system (for peace of mind); and the holographic communication system (for friendly and personal advice across great distances).

Many of the concepts were based on technology that doesn’t exist today – and might therefore seem a bit far-fetched – but other concepts like the wireless jammer and teenage daughter surveillance system are applicable today.

We learnt that here is no limit to imagination – if you can dream it, you can sketch it. Put your ideas out there, it’s great fun. And sometimes great concepts are born along the way.