The Concept
myBalance is a service to help people have a better relationship with the food they eat and with the calories and energy needed for a healthy lifestyle.


myBalance is for normal people who want to improve or change the relationship they have with the food they eat and the consumption of energy acquired with food.

Design Process
The project started with the analysis of user research interviews followed by a concept generation brainstorming. The focus was daily lifestyle and the relationship with the food people eat everyday. We explored the different possibilities offered by internet web-sites and mobile applications to help people better understand how to evaluate food calories. We end up choosing to design a new tool/language to ease this evaluation.

How does it work?
myBalance consists of a mobile application to compare and understand the food calories and a discrete step-counter (pedometer) to track every activity related to the body. Every time a meal is chosen, myBalance translates the calories into physical steps necessary to keep the body energy consumption in balance; it also calculates the calories burned during the normal activities (walking, working in the office).

To increase the understanding of the food characteristics, myBalance includes an interactive evaluation system which provides (in real time) the health value of the food provided by the service community and the dietitians.