Know Your Body

The Idea
KYB.COM is an online service where you can get a clear, scientifically reliable and understandable knowledge about the nutrition in the food you eat. Directly linking with services keeping track with your daily intake, KYB.COM will help raise your awareness of what you eat by analysing this data through graphic visualisations.

We wish to support a long lasting weight loss effect and KYB should be seen as an addition to medical treatment for addiction to food, and not as a solution to weight loss in itself. The main target group for KYB is people who seem to wonder about how food affects their body, brain and general wellbeing – and why. By empowering people to better judge the nutritious value of what they eat, we believe that we can help them adjust their eating habits.

Design Process
Based on user interviews, the weight loss knowledge presented to us, design intuition and the wish to create a good support for the new drug from Novo Nordisk, we developed the idea of a webportal which enables you learn directly about your daily eating habits.

How does it work? is a comprehensive website/portal connected to your daily registration of eating habits through the Self Aware system and your virtual KYB agent, letting you monitor and look into what you are eating.