Despite substantial increases in awareness of health risk associated with weight excess, the
prevalence of obesity continues to increase. Lifestyle modification, which includes a low-calorie diet,
increased physical activity, and behavioral treatment, continues to be the foundation of weight
management. However, the inability of most patients to sustain long-term lifestyle changes makes
pharmacotherapy an attractive option.

Novo Nordisk is currently developing a drug therapy that when combined with diet, exercise and
behavioral modification can result weight loss of 5-10% of total body weight. As part of the product
package, Novo Nordisk is also preparing a year-long lifestyle modification program to support people in transitioning to a new way of life, adopting new habits and acquiring knowledge related to weigh

This workshop was done in collaboration with NovoNordisk Lifestyle Modification Program Group:
Anne Mette Worsøe Lottrup
Mads Lennox Hvenekilde
Maria Boros