When NovoNordisk launches this product to market it will need to integrate drug, device and lifestyle modification into one cohesive whole. Within the NPD process the drug and device have already been defined, but the lifestyle modification program, still in the making, poses considerable challenges. Since the program relays to a great extent on commitment, it introduces participants with a dilemma. It provides a potential participant with a simple choice between two options:

a. Loose 100% of potential weight loss (10% of a person weight) with maximum effort (maintain strict food and exercise discipline)
b. Loose 60% of potential weight loss (5-6% of a person weight) with no extra effort (maintain no food and exercise discipline)

How do we motivate people to adopt a lifestyle modification program in combination with drug therapy, and how can they be assisted in keeping it?

Novo Nordisk is interested in getting ideas of new tools, key user-experiences or/and services that can contribute to create a successful and sustainable lifestyle modification program.