simpTEXTity is a easy way to navigate through complex menus, functions and choices by using text input as a command line. simpTEXTity is inspired by search method on the computers and over the internet: to simply type and find what one is looking for. As mobile phones are becoming more like to computers with access to the internet and various platforms of communication, the user should be able to choose all possible options at the same time. simpTEXTity works with text input from mobile key input, and lists all the available options and contexts to choose from one by one, allowing user to decide suitable means of communication in a constant and efficient flow.

The text approach, is suited for a complex yet compact interface, efficiently freeing up screen real-estate, which in turn can be used for interesting visualisations of the complex information network searched.

Key Insights and Projections
Every individual has their own preferences of choosing between various platforms for communication. Their selection is dependent on many factors, such as aesthetics, privacy needs, economics, technological possibilities and availability. We found a great need for enabling people to shift fluently between different platforms.

Mobile phones are trying to act as the computers of today – with great complexity condensed in a small device. As everyone is exposed to more and more platforms for communication. Using small devices (such as mobile phones), has to be made more simple in terms of search, navigation and the use of complex functions.

We also found new ability in young users to use texting rapidly from a small mobile keyboard. Using text messaging was a popular way of quick and discrete communication.

From user insights, it was evident that we needed to explore opportunities of a new navigation system. Initially we focused on an idea, where devices act ‘as a lens’ to access information, rather than containing it.

Various devices are used to search and navigate information through various platforms. This means that various devices should be able to access and share information, from a constantly updated cloud of information. By generating many ideas to access this information cloud – giving a better user experience – our focus was directed towards making a simple navigation system through a complex mesh of information.