‘You know it because you made it.’
Nokia website / physical features: design your own mobile phone choosing just the features needed (camera, voice recorder, mp3 reader…), you get a preview of your self designed mobile phone, purchase it and have it shipped by mail or you can pick it up at Nokia retail stores.

Nokia website / menu features: connect your mobile phone to a laptop and visit the Nokia website. You can enter a personalised dashboard where you can modify the existing menu interface choosing just the items that you use. You can also assign functions to buttons. It is possible to upload the personalised menu interface to any Nokia mobile phone. If the user’s needs change the interface can be updated adding or removing features (calendar, internet connection…).

We started our process with a consideration: we wanted to explore the theme of mobile phone as a seamless tool that will allow people-to-people interaction. Even though we are keen on emerging technology we are concerned that this can be misused. Interacting with “misused” technology is often so complex that you have to focus most of your attention on the device rather then on the person you want to communicate to. We would like to lower the complexity of the device, designing an interaction that is more intuitive and also more personal.

We conducted two rounds of interviews: the first one with young users (four people – a student, a designer, a translator and a young manager) and the second one with adults with more mature needs (two people – a ceramist with her own studio and family, a managing director).

After finding out the main insights and users’ desires, we brainstormed on different concepts and scenarios.

Key Insights and Projections
The main key insights we found out in our research are:
– A traditional mobile phone is just a commodity, there is no personal attachment.
– Using a traditional mobile phone is not a beautiful experience, it is not customised enough.
– The mobile phone interface is perceived as “closed” and “too controlled”, while the computer interface is more flexible and can follow the owner’s personal way of organising content.
– Often cell phones have too many features, not all of them suit the user’s needs.

Today: The relationship with mobile phones is getting weaker and weaker
Tomorrow: How might we increase the importance of the mobile phone as your lens to look at all your world?

Our projection focuses on the self-design of the mobile phone as a personalised product. We would like the user to design both the physical characteristics and the menu features / interface of the device. In this way we would like to ensure a longer and more meaningful relationship with the mobile phone.